Differences between symptoms of tomato flu, monkeypox and covid

The appearance of The first cases of covid-19 came almost three years ago with a first identification of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan (China). It was the beginning of a pandemic that is not resolved to this dayalthough disease control and perspective of a vaccine indicated for the last subvariants.

At the beginning of May this year, a disease known for decades in sub-Saharan Africa and very rare in the rest of the planet presented a first outbreak in Europe: monkey pox. Shortly after, that same month, the first tomato flu outbreak was reported in Kerala (India). The three conditions have some of the same symptomsothers similar and also a few that only appear in one of them.

Symptoms of omicron, the current covid

In the case of covid-19, each variant has been adding and subtracting usual symptoms in the infected population, until the one currently called covid-22that responds to those who have been infected by the subvariants BA.4, BA.5 and Centaurus of omicron. In this case, the usual symptoms in a high percentage of patients are sore throat and headache, as well as cough and runny nose, fatigue, and muscle pain. The loss of taste and smellvery common in the first months of covid, are now rarer, just like fever.

The flu or tomato fever

In the virus identified in India, which has been the last to have global public exposure, the fatigue and body pain; As for skin rashes, they are much more pronounced than among patients with the current covid, and there is also severe pain in the joints. also appear nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or dehydration. It is not ruled out that it could be a sequel to the so-called hand, foot and mouth disease, chikungunya or dengue, and mainly affects children and adults with immunosuppression. Tomato flu (also called fever) is highly contagious, as the medical journal ‘The Lancet’ warns. The name ‘tomato’ is due to the presence of red and quite painful blisters all over the body, which grow to a size similar to that of a tomato; In addition, they are confused in some cases with those that come out due to monkeypox.

monkey pox

This disease presents very spectacular symptoms. At first it appears a picture of fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes, lower back pain, muscle aches and fatigue. They leave right away very bulky lesions on the skin, especially in the anogenital area, which take up to three weeks to appear.


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