Disarmed the great theory about Sauron from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power arrives on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, September 2 but for weeks, even months, their different advances have given rise to all sorts of theories. One of the most widespread ideas was that Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) it was actually saurona hypothesis that, analyzing the available material, seems to be definitively disarmed.

Halbrand is a character created exclusively for The Rings of Powerthat is, he does not exist in Tolkien’s novels, and he is said to have a dark past.

A man who meets Galadriel in extreme circumstances and they immediately hit it off, so some fans suspected that Sauron had taken this human form Y had approached Galadriel to reach the elves whom he must trick into forging the rings with which he intends to control Middle-earth.

But in one of the trailers you hear a conversation between Halbrand and Galadriel. “I’m not the hero you’re looking for,” he says. This has led to the belief that if it really was Sauron, Halbrand wouldn’t say such a sentence and, on the contrary, he would try to impress Galadriel at all costs in order to manipulate her.

Another fan theory linked to Sauron is related to a mysterious man who falls from a meteorite, known as The Stranger. Advances have revealed that The story of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power It starts when an unknown man played by Daniel Weyman falls from the sky in a ball of fire. His identity remains a secret, which has also made one think that it could be Sauron.

In the new trailer, the Meteorite Man appears surrounded by direwolf-like creatures. He seems to be fighting them, but what’s interesting is that these direwolves are drawn to him. In JRR Tolkien’s First Age of Books, Sauron established his base of operations on the Isle of Lycans.and these animals were his servants, which further revives the theory that the mysterious character is actually Sauron.

Will this theory finally be correct? Just the passing of first season episodes of The Rings of Power, which will premiere a new installment every Friday on Prime Video, will say so.

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