Diseases that can be transmitted by stepping on a cockroach

produce disgust And till phobias. But, in addition, they are also capable of transmit diseases. The cockroaches They are probably the most hated insect. And one of the most frequent: holes, pipes, drains… Any place is good for them to nest. Even if we declare war on them by putting into practice different tricksthe kitchen is one of his favorite places and one that more dangers. If we see one, the usual thing is that we want to step on it. Mistake. In doing so, we will contaminate space with the bacteria, viruses and pathogens they contain in your body. In this case, ‘the bug is dead’, not ‘the rage ends’, but rather the spread of some infections.

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Cockroaches themselves do not transmit disease directly, as mosquitoes or ticks, for example, can. As they do not usually sting or bite -although it is also possible-, they are not vectors, but ‘mechanical transmitters’, that is, they transport pathogens from one place to another. This transport can be done in several ways:

The transition from these pathogens to humans occurs when we enter contact with contaminated surfaces, be it food, kitchen utensils or other objects or surfaces.

Cockroaches can carry in their body more than 40 types of bacteria and other pathogens such as fungi, viruses, parasites and protozoa. Some of them can poison us or cause diseases. The most commons are:


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