Djedovic’s illusion

Nihad Djedović was one of the earliest signings of the summer in the Unibox. A return to Spain a decade later to participate in the reconstruction of the Malaga team. There were contacts at this time, but the Bosnian, who has a German passport, established himself as an important player for Bayern Munich at the highest level. At 32 years old, he decided to change his scenery and Malaga is his destination. The third in Spain after Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela. And he is excited about the forward, one of the models in the presentation of the new kits.

“Everything is perfect,” summed up Djedovic, who showed his joy at this step in his career: “I’ve always liked the pavilion and the fans, now I’m lucky enough to play here. I am delighted, I have taken this step because I believe in this team and in this project. It was not an easy decision because I was the captain and I spent nine years at Bayern Munich, but this team has history. The last two years were bad, but we are going to try to improve.”

He is one of those who has been since the beginning of the preseason. “We are working very hard. Now we are going to enter a circle of matches and we are preparing for what is important”, he assured, to be cautious with the sensations: “The squad is complete, but the players are missing. At the moment we are fine, we are Working hard. We cannot have the image until the players arrive and we are going to see in the pre-season games what we have done in these weeks”.

The forward, who already has miles behind him in these things, has good vibes. “It is difficult to have an image of the team where several players are missing. The season is very long, 10 months, we have nine new players. We have to be patient, we are sure to have a lot of success because they are names that have played basketball in good leagues “, he expressed, to emphasize his confidence in the team: “I think so. I don’t know what has happened here in the last two or three years, on paper we have very good players. You have to be patient, this is not that we are going to be first in all competitions. We have talent and potentialif everything is fine and works and we follow the path that the coach gives us, we will be very successful”.

Questioned by the philosophy that is inoculating Ibon Navarro was clear. “We are running a lot, we are playing very fast basketball. A typical Spanish basketball. We are capable of playing fast with these players”, concluded the Bosnian, who faces a different preparation: “Something different that I have done because we have always gone to the mountain, it is the first time that I am in the pavilion where we play. We are gradually getting used to the city, I can’t say anything bad at the moment”.


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