DjMaRiiO leaves TortillaLand and leaves Auron for FIFA 23

First fallen in TortillaLand 2. Not a month after the starting gun, DjMaRiiO is already preparing his goodbye to the series and leaves Auron in the lurch and company. This has been confirmed by Auron himself during a streaming: “This was already known, there is nothing new. It was said from the first day. What’s more, it was announced assuming that he was going to leave when FIFA 23 came out. We were more than warned, so let’s not do dramas“.

The EA Sports game will hit stores on September 27, so there’s still time before DjMaRiiO goes to get pissed (sorry, play) with FIFA 23. In any case, his replacement is decided: Noni. In fact, the content creator will not have to wait to pick up the baton and these same days he has already started broadcasting from TortillaLand.

When will TortillaLand 2 end?

Although we are in August, Auron has ensured that there is Tortilla for a while. “My intention is get to christmas, like last year”, he has declared in several streamings. “If everything goes well we will celebrate Christmas and the season will end. Although if we see that the series is boring or that we are stretching the gum too muchit will be over before, there is no problem”.

Therefore, the series will have to get used to dropouts like DjMaRiiO’s, to criticism like the ones have caused Auron to explodeand to compete with other great events on Twitch, as is the case with the imminent Ringcraft, the Minecraft series inspired by The Lord of the Rings that has The Grefg as an organizer (his first time in these conflicts, knock on wood). ¿Will TortillaLand 2 survive the pressure and the hype? and will be crowned again in the Esland? That one thing is to compete against Marbella Vice and Egoland and another to do it against karmaland 5


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