Do you like to drink tea? Study suggests that its consumption can reduce risk of death

Drink two or more cups of tea a day may bring modest benefit to human health, lowering the risk of death from any cause between 9 and 13 percent compared to people who do not consume it.

This was revealed by a study conducted by scientists from the National Cancer Institute of the United States, who analyzed the benefits of drinking black tea in nearly half a million adults in United Kingdom.

The study revealed that a increased tea intake is associated with a lower risk of death from heart Disease, ischemic heart disease Y stroke.

The tea Temperature, as well as add milk or sugar, It didn’t change the results, nor did the genetic variations that affect the rate at which people metabolize caffeine.

In this sense, they explained that the tea contains useful substances known to reduce inflammation, while earlier studies in China and Japan, where green tea is popular, too have suggested health benefits.

The findings were published this monday in the magazine Annals of Internal Medicine and suggest that black tea, consumed constantly, can form a healthy diet.

The study involved 498 thousand 43 men and women between 40 and 69 years old They were followed for about 11 years, adjusting for socioeconomic factors, tobacco or alcohol use, diet, age, race, and gender.

With information from AP.



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