‘Don’t go without me’, new Turkish soap opera on Divinity

    There is already a date for the premiere of don’t go without me, the new great phenomenon that arrives from Turkey to Spain. It will be this Friday, September 2, starting at 10:30 p.m. when it begins its journey in divinity this emotional drama starring Tolgahan Sayışman, Amine Gülşe and Şafak Pekdemir.

    They are in charge of giving life to Yiğit, Nur and İclal, the love trio around which the story revolves. plot of this story that you won’t want to miss. The story begins with a cold traffic accident, which marks a before and after in Yiğit’s life. A successful businessman with the desire to start a new life, everything changes when he collides with his vehicle while traveling with his wife, İclal, who, although she survives the accident, remains in a coma.

    Time passes and there is no change in its state and the entrepreneur, determined to continue with his life, he makes the radical decision to pretend that she is no longer there and creates a shell that separates him from the world. However, the arrival of Nour his life will turn everything upside down.

    The young woman, who appears on the farm to live with her uncles (the farm’s employees), will be a breath of fresh air for Yiğit, who will be able to shed that armor and open his heart to her. Three years after the accident, the businessman falls deeply in love with this young woman and, forgetting that her wife is still alive despite being in a comaHe will ask her to marry him.

    She, who does not know the true story behind the accident, accepts without hesitation. Unfortunately, happiness will be elusive. Just when they are about to get married, İclal wakes up from coma after three years without showing any signs of recovery. The news shocks Yiğit that he will find himself at a crossroads and must make a decision about his future. Will he stay with his new love or will he resume the relationship with the mother of his son?

    More premieres on the channel

    don’t go without me‘ doesn’t come to Divinity alone. Looking ahead to this new course, the Mediaset women’s channel has prepared other great premieres. The great Turkish stories continue in Divinity and also bring us back to Kerem Bursin.

    The trendy turkish actor returns to our channel to win over viewers with In the heart of the citya drama in which he plays Ali, a young sailor who has been raised on a ship after his mother was killed by his own father.

    And as if this were not enough, very soon it will land in Divinity The game of my destinya story starring Oykü Karayel and that narrates the difficult life of Asiye, a woman abandoned by her husband with two children.

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