Eika, from the Mondragon Group, participates in the Navarrese Muxunav

Eika S.Coopbelonging to the Mondragon Corporation, has entered the engineering capital of Navarre Muxunavdedicated to the development of graphical interface systems with the ability to connect to the cloud, generate and exploit data.

These solutions are applied in sectors such as vending, dynamic advertising and collection and billing systems in commercial premises and vending.

With this operation, Eika faces “a new step in its policy of open innovation”, he pointed out in a press release. In this way, Eika and Muxunav will collaborate on projects of high technological value.

Developments in digital means of payment

“The agreement with Eika allows Muxunav to have complementary technologies and capacities, which will make it possible to face new, more ambitious and exciting challenges and achieve them in a more profitable and satisfactory way. The developments in the field of digital means of paymentincluding the commercial payment by Bizum and its application in the Horeca sector, have been highly valued by Eika”, he explained. Anthony TorresCEO of the Navarrese company.

The director of Strategy of this company, Roberto Ducay, has stated that “the arrival of an industrial partner like Eika will accelerate and diversify the company’s growth”. This operation becomes an economic and engineering boost for Muxunav, although the participation of “Eika in the shareholding is minorityTorres indicated.

Other fields of application

Aitor Soria, General Director of Eika, has indicated that “collaborating with Muxunav makes clear the cooperative’s determined vocation for electronics in general and electronic interfaces in particular. If we were already a world-renowned leader in the field of interfaces (HMI) in the household appliance sector, this alliance reinforces our commitment because we are going to reach projects with a greater technological offer and more diversified fields of application”.

More than a decade of experience

Muxunav, located in the Mutilva industrial estate, was established more than ten yearsand currently has a staff of five people, in addition to other external collaborators.

He has developed projects for clients of Spain and Central Europeand with this alliance they are going to try to enter “new markets, add innovative products and improve efficiency”, explained Antonio Torres, general director of the Navarre firm.

Brain of the cooking equipment

For its part, Eika presents itself as “a global leader in the provision of components and systems that form the heart and brain of the current cooking equipment of the large multinational manufacturers of household appliances”, the note concluded.


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