El Hormiguero, new season news | Signings, casualties, guests…

The space directed by Pablo Motos will begin next Monday, September 5


The countdown to the start of ‘
the anthill‘ has started. Pablo Motos’ space returns to Antena 3 next Monday, September 5, and does so with important news. The program has already revealed the faces that will star in the 17th season, where they will try to remain audience leaders in a slot that promises more competition this season.

At the controls of the program will be
Paul Motorcycles, and next to him, the ants. What works, don’t touch. Pilar Rubio, El Monaguillo, Carlos Latre, El Justiciero Resines, Luis Piedrahita, Nuria Roca, El Mago Yunke, Jorge Salvador, Suko and Dani Fontecha maintain their positions as collaborators. Just as the humor and political gatherings continue with Luis Piedrahita, El Monaguillo, Marron, Cristina Pardo, Tamara Falcó, Nuria Roca, Juan del Val, Rubén Amón, María Dabán and Miguel Lago.

From ‘El Hormiguero’ they assure that the Science section will have more relevance. With the end of the restrictions, Marron will have more freedom to amaze the viewer. And until then, what remains. Because the new season of ‘El Hormiguero’ arrives with casualties and signings. And, of course, with new guests.

Two signings

The two new faces that the program will have are two old acquaintances by the audience. Until now they acted as guests and, on occasion, as putual collaborators. But given its success, the program already guarantees them a weekly section. Argentine actress and singer
Lali Esposito will act as a ‘life coach’, that is, advice on everyday life.

The other transfer is
Omar Montes. The popular singer will lead a section called ‘only he is capable of defining’.

Collaborators who do not follow

And to enter, you must first let out. If there are two new collaborators who enter the program, there are also two who leave. Singer
acted in the txosna from Pinpilinpauxa in Aste Nagusia, will no longer return to the program. Goodbye to the tik tok section. Kira Miró, who was in charge of the challenges, was also absent.

First week guests

‘El Hormiguero’ has also announced the guests who will premiere the new season. They are the following:

– Monday:
Chanel Terrero.

– Tuesday:
Sonsoles Onega.

– Wednesday:
Peace Padilla.

– Thursday:

The presence of Paz Padilla is especially noteworthy, who will have to rejoin Mediaset after the two-way agreement that
revoked the dismissal of the presenter of ‘Save me’.

Other novelties that have been known in recent days is the
new dance which will be done at the beginning of each program. The collaborators will not dance to the rhythm of ‘Stayin’ Alive’, by the Bee Gees, but will do so with ‘Stay with me’, released a month ago by Calvin Harris and Justin Timberlake.


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