Enrollments give a break in August and rise 9.1% | companies

Sales of new cars in Spain have stopped their fall in August after registering a rise of 9.1%, to 51,907 carsas reported this Thursday by the employers of automobile manufacturers (Anfac), dealers (faconauto) and the National Association of Vehicle Dealers (Ganvam). In this way, registrations cut a streak of five months of consecutive falls since March.

Despite the good data for August, deliveries of new passenger cars accumulate a drop so far this year of 9.4% Compared to the same period of 2021, a very bad year in itself due to the beginning of the microchip crisis that the sector is still suffering throughout the world today. Total, In the first eight months of this year, 533,042 units have been sold.

by channels, highlights the recovery in August of renters or rent a car (it shot up 37%, to 5,244 units), the sales channel that has suffered the most from the shortage of microchips, since car companies prioritize delivering the cars they have available to individuals and companies. It should be noted that August is usually the busiest month for the rent a car due to the large number of people who usually rent a car during their vacations.

the of individualsnevertheless, fell 4.3% (24,951 sales), although it remained the channel with the most registrations in the month, ahead of companies (up 22.9%)which delivered 21,712 cars.

For its part, light commercial vehicles also increased sales by 8.8%, with 9,039 units sold. Despite this, deliveries of this type of car have plummeted so far this year by 29.9%, with 77,184 cars. Industrial vehicles and buses returned to growth in deliveries, with an increase of 32.8% in August (1,418 units). So far in 2022, 15,819 units have been sold, 11.1% more than in the same period of the previous year.

“The passenger car and SUV market achieved a slight increase in the month of August. But this data can be misleading since compared to 2019, in a pre-pandemic context, sales fall by more than 30% and in the accumulated the contraction of the market with respect to that year is 40%. The sector continues to suffer from the microchip crisis aggravated by the complicated international geopolitical scenario that generates uncertainty in the economic situation with high inflation and rising money prices,” Anfac said.

The crisis that the automotive industry is experiencing in our country is unprecedented and its consequences for employment and competitiveness are unpredictable, which is why the inaction and unwillingness of the Government to meet with the sector is not understood”, added, for their part, the dealers represented by Faconauto.


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