“Europe is better than America if you are an actress and you get older”

79 candles on his last birthday cake and a filmography of 143 titles, full of classics like Belle de Jour, Pola X either The anxiety: With those credentials, it is clear that the views of Catherine Deneuve about the film industry go to mass. The French diva has demonstrated it again in the 2022 edition of the venice festival, where he will receive the honorary Golden Lion for his entire career.

After talking about his long journey in the cinema, and pointing out The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Jacques Demi, 1964) as one of the peaks of his career, along with his films for Andre Techine Y Francois Truffaut (Hey Tarantino!), Deneuve has deigned to express his opinion about how the seventh art treats its veteran actresses.

“Being in Europe is so much better than being in America if you’re an actress and you get older,” Deneuve said (via The Hollywood Reporter). Despite pointing out that “things have changed a lot” in terms of the habit of relegating older performers, the actress also points out that “things are still better in Europe”.

Deneuve’s career in France seems to confirm her statements: the actress has released two films this year in France, and has two other titles pending release, including the American Funny Birds, who stars alongside Andrea Risborough.

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