Fabio Fognini, the scourge of Nadal who did not believe his last injury

will not be happy Rafael Nadal with the rival who has touched him in the second round of the US Open. Between him and Fognini there has always been a cold relationship, with several controversies carried out on the track and numerous provocations of the Italian outside it. Fabio is without a doubt one of his dark beasts, beating him a total of four times. In fact, one of those victories was achieved precisely at the US Open, where the San Remo player showed off his best tennis to overcome a match that he dominated by two sets to zero (2015).

Without a doubt, the most tense episode between Fognini and Nadal was experienced in the 2015 Hamburg final. The Italian he reproached Rafa in bad ways for the time it took to get and they got into an argument that ended with Fabio losing his temper and telling Nadal: “Don’t break my eggs”. That was the most tense chapter of a relationship that since then has always had numerous provocations by the transalpine.

Precisely the time that Nadal takes between point and point has been for the moment one of the topics of this US Open. Tennis legend John McEnroe commented that Rafa was favored by the referees since it almost always exceeds 25 seconds between point and point, without receiving all the warnings what should Asked about this at a press conference Nadal was quite angry about the comment. «It’s a joke right? I have received many warnings in my career for this. I have the problem that I sweat a lot and in humid conditions like today, that’s even worse. I don’t get favored treatment from anyone, I follow the rules and if I go over 25 seconds they give me a warning», commented Nadal.

Now Nadal faces Fognini who is precisely the opposite. Fabio goes very fast between point and point and it is to be hoped that as soon as possible he will complain about the time Nadal takes, something that, although in a less airy way, than in Hamburg he has done in the 17 games in which they have faced each other. Rafa, When asked about his rival, he preferred not to comment and focus on the aspects of your game to improve. Fognini has not made any statements about the match at the moment, because when he finished, Nadal was playing his match.

historical battles

Already focused on tennis, this Thursday’s duel will be a new match between two tennis players who, despite their bad relationship, have left historic battles on the pitch. Like the one in 2015 in New York, which Fognini won, or the one in 2017 in Madrid that Nadal won. Rafa has beaten Fabio 13 times while the Italian has defeated him 4 times. Most of the matches have been placid for Nadal, but on other occasions he has suffered a lot to defeat him, so the man from Manacor will have to give 100% if he wants to win this match.

Fognini and Nadal greeting each other at the end of one of their duelsGTRES

Fognini is a player with a unique talent, Capable of the best and the worst on a tennis court. In fact, his disconnections and his bad character have made him lose countless games that, due to his level, he should have taken out. Fabio will try to take the game to the ground of madness, which is where he knows he could have options. Nevertheless, If Nadal stays orderly and firm with his service, it is difficult to think that he will be eliminated. New York will once again witness a Nadal-Fognini with the ghosts of what happened on the previous occasion, but also with the lesson learned.

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