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We are practically a week away from September 7 and the Far Out event in which we will see the new iPhone 14 and the new ones Apple Watch Series 8. And we expect surprises. Surprises that can take the form of some AirPods Pro 2 or an Apple Watch Pro. Let’s talk about everything we know of this new enigmatic watch model.

What design will the Apple Watch Pro have?

Last year we all took it for granted that the Apple Watch Series 7 would have a major design change. A squarer design, with straight edges and a flat screen. This design completely disappeared during last year’s presentation, but now it’s coming back quite strongly when it comes to the Apple Watch Pro.

To begin with, we are facing an Apple Watch that would reach 47 millimeters in case size and one almost 2 inch screen. Two more than the 45 of the large mode of Apple Watch Series 7. In addition, according to Mac Otakara, the design of the screen would be flat, which it would help the overall durability of the entire watch.

Will it be compatible with current straps?

Initially, it was claimed that the Apple Watch Pro it would not be compatible with the straps of the previous models. Later Mark Gurman nuanced in his newsletter that they would be compatible, although according to their sources the final appearance would be a bit peculiar. With a wider case width it is expected that the straps will adapt to that new shape with a wider upper part.

As far as we know, we can use the straps of previous models on this Apple Watch Pro, although for the best possible finish and aestheticsthe best, according to rumors, will be that we buy one with the width adapted to the new generation.

What features do we expect from the Apple Watch Pro?

It looks like this will be the year the Apple Watch Pro will stand out from the rest of the range which will be formed by the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE. If between the latter there are already differences in the specifications, between the Pro and the rest of the range we must also see changes.

In addition to the design that we have already discussed, we hope that this Apple Watch enjoy more battery life and low power mode that in addition to allowing us to use the watch while it is active, it would considerably lengthen the number of hours between visits to the charger.

Other rumors suggest that this Apple Watch Pro would have the satellite connectivity capacity. A connectivity that would be used only for emergency communication and that would make this model a benchmark among people who practice extreme sports and may, hopefully not, need quick contact, wherever they are. Kuo joins in this regard, supporting Mark Gurman by stating that this satellite communication is already in production.

In terms of materials, we expect a titanium case and a sapphire crystal typical of the Edition models of the Apple Watch Series 7 that we already know. Premium materials that make this the most resistant watch that we can enjoy.

Finally we have to talk about temperature sensor of this apple watch. A sensor that could be the first to reach exclusively top-of-the-range watches and that would allow us to improve measurements related to health. A temperature sensor that already we have seen in patent form.

Will it really be called the Apple Watch Pro?

Jens Kreuter Pknn Nxcnhs Unsplash

Naming issues is something that is always hard to predict. Much of this is because it is in the internal talks in Cupertino that these matters are decided, but the name Apple Watch Pro sounds strong. We cannot forget, however, the possibility of an “Apple Watch Extreme” that Gurman had raised with us in the past.

On the other hand, it is also worth questioning what will become of the rest of the range if the Apple Watch Pro stops carrying numbers in its name. We could well be facing an Apple Watch Pro, an Apple Watch and an Apple Watch SE that indicate in parentheses the year of its release.

When will it be available?

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Traditionally, Apple Watches have been presented next to the new iPhone during an event in September or October. Apple has not officially confirmed that we will see the new Apple Watch at the event on September 7, but it seems the most logical.

An Apple Watch Pro that would open the reservations next september 9 and that it would reach the stores and the homes of the first customers a week later, on Friday the 16th.

What price will it have?

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The price of a product is also a great unknown. In the case of the Apple Watch Pro we can draw some conclusions. while we know that the Apple Watch Pro will also have a “Pro” pricewe can approximate some numbers.

Apple currently sells the Apple Watch Series 7 Edition, the titanium model, starting at $799. This would put the Apple Watch Pro in a similar bracket, being able to reach 999 dollars that, with the change, could be presented as 1100 euros in Spain. It’s still too early to draw too many conclusions, on the other hand, as Apple could also choose to remove the titanium from the Apple Watch Series 8 and reserve it for the more moderately priced Pro model.

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