Federico Prat responds to his family’s statements about his drug addiction

Federico Prat in his interview with ‘Channel 8’.
channel 8

Federico Prat, brother of the television presenter, granted an interview a few days ago to channel 8 in which he affirmed that he lives on the alms he receives and in which he assured that the relationship with his family is not good. For this reason, as a result of these statements, his brothers shared a publication on Instagram in which they contradicted Federico’s words and explained that, in addition to having drug addiction problems, he rejects the help that his family offers him. Now, the little Prat denies his family in the magazine readings.

“I was addicted five years ago, but now I’m clean”, has sentenced. He adds that he has attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings and that he has done “the right thing.” In addition, he assures that he has evidence to prove that he no longer uses cocaine: “Everyone in La Línea de la Concepción knows me and can confirm that I do not take anything.”

Federico has also spoken about his relationship with his family and believes that If her mother could take away her last name, she would.: “I got on well with her. Now he doesn’t pick up the phone“.

However, the youngest of the family assures that he can protect himself and that he does not want to know anything about them: “I’m not going to call them and I hope they won’t call me. I have answered to clear my name“, he assured after confirming that he begs on the street to pay for his house and food and that all this does not “benefit”.


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