Fernando Alonso corrects Lewis Hamilton after his incident: “I apologize for what I said on the radio”

Fernando Alonso Y Lewis Hamilton starred in the viral moment of Belgian GP. The Briton ran over the Alpine with his Mercedes and the Nano left a radio to remember. After that, Fernando apologizes in Zandvoort.

Alonso arrived at Dutch Grand Prix to attend the media this Thursday. This GP takes place on the first weekend of September, held at Max Verstappen’s house, but the attention was focused on asking Fernando for his words towards Hamilton.

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Fernando Alonso and the apologies to Lewis Hamilton

“I was second after a great start and for a moment I saw myself out of the race,” he told the media upon arrival at the circuit. “I apologize to Lewis for what I said on the radio. Obviously not what I think of him. He is a great champion and I have a lot of respect for him“.

No, I don’t think Lewis only knows how to run by going first.there are facts that prove it perfectly. Are things you say in the heat of the moment. Nothing I said was true. I have great respect for him,” she said of his comment that Hamilton only knows how to race when he goes out first.

When I approach him (in the paddock) I will apologize. I have no problems with it. The adrenaline of fighting to be second or third made me say those comments that I shouldn’t have said.”

“It has been very fat from the outside. I know Lewis is a champion, a legend of our time. Sorry to repeat this but when you say something against a British driver there is a lot of media involvement afterwards. Many things can be said about Checo, Carlos or me, about a Latino pilot, and everything is more fun. But when you say it about a Brit it’s more serious”.

I don’t think there is much to blame Lewis for that incident., seeing the replays and everything, is something that can happen in a first lap. We were all very close. I already said later that it was a racing incident. When you say something on the radio, you do it to talk to your engineer and prepare the strategy. There should be more privacy, but it’s part of the show. In football, what a player says when they enter the ankle is not broadcast“.

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Fernando Alonso and the continuity of Alpine

Fernando Alonso Alpine F1

Alonso also left some comments outside of the Hamilton case. For example, referring to alpine continuity. He himself has climbed to 9th position in the World Cup and Esteban Ocon remains in 8th place. Also, Fernando accumulates nine races in a row scoring points.

“Since Australia the team has grown a lot. The performance is better than last year. Now we are fighting against McLaren for the Constructors’ World Championship and this was a small dream at the beginning of the season.“.

To end, Alonso spoke about the Zandvoort layout: “I love this race, I love this atmosphere. I love the city and everything around this Grand Prix. I think it will be a good weekend“.

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