“Few know how difficult your life has been”

  • Lara Dibildos’ eldest son just turned 24

  • To celebrate it, the actress and presenter has dedicated an intense letter to him in which she vindicates the obstacles she has had to overcome

24 years ago, Lara Dibildos premiered in motherhood. She did it hand in hand with former basketball player Fran Murcia, her husband at the time. And the fruit of that relationship was born Francisco, Fran for yoursto which the actress and presenter He has dedicated an emotional video on his Instagram in which she shows her pride as a mother for her firstborn.

The one who is, in the words of Laura Valenzuela’s daughter, “one of the two loves” of his life (remember that years later he had Álvaro, his second and last offspring, in this case together with the television jockey Álvaro Muñoz Escassi) just celebrated his birthday. Perfect reason to claim almost a quarter of a century by his side.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the man you have become”, she has dedicated to him in this applauded post in which she makes us part of Fran’s physical and personal evolution, which appears to be successfully following in his father’s sporting footsteps.

“I love you with all my soul and I wish you a year full of moments of happiness in which I hope to always be close”, continues his open letter. But if there is a phrase to highlight from this text written by Lara herself, it is the following: “Few of us know how difficult your life has been and how much you have had to overcome but you have achieved it and you continue to improve yourself every day”.

Although we have known him since the exact day of his birth, little has been known about the life of Fran Murcia Dibildos until he came of age. Due to the little presence of him in the spotlight, it seems that the young man’s intention is to remain anonymous. Proof of this, his social networks, closed to the curious and from which we can only unravel that he was born in Madrid (a fact we already had) and that he proudly bears the surnames of his father.

This is the current life of the eldest son of Lara Dibildos

After becoming the son of divorced parents at just three years old, Fran spent his childhood and pre-teens living with his mother. It was then that the ex-partner agreed to joint custody that allowed him to also live with her father until He headed to the United States, where he studied high school while preparing to become an elite athlete.

His life across the pond seemed settled until the pandemic arrived and he had to return to Spain, where he maintains his training while studying music production. In recent times he has been part of UCAM Murcia, a team that he left when he signed a year ago for Ciudad Molina Basket.


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