First shipment of hundreds of combat drones from Iran arrives in Russia

Russia has received hundreds of Iranian drones that could be used in the ukrainian war although US warnings to Tehran not to sell them a business that complicates the negotiations of the nuclear agreement with the Persian regime.

The first shipment was shipped across the Caspian Sea to be delivered in Astrakhan and Volgograd. And it is that Russian troops are experiencing severe supply shortages in Ukrainein part due to sanctions and export controls, forcing Russia to rely on countries like Iran for supplies and equipment.

Nevertheless, spy agencies of the United States and other countries they have obtained intelligence suggesting that the Russians are dissatisfied with the performance of the drones and that the delivery has been plagued by major technical glitches in early tests.

A person who works in the field of security for an allied country whose government has closely followed the agreement said there were “some holes in the system” and that the Russians “are not satisfied.” Under anonymity, the official revealed the secret information.


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