Foods to avoid eating at night

The sayings already say that it is advisable to have a light dinner. Considerable food intake before going to sleep is associated with Sleeping problemsnightmares, or weight gain.

In the same way that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, since it provides us with most of the nutrients to get through the day, dinner must be rich but without overloading it. These are some foods that should be avoided in the last meal of the day:

Milk and dairy desserts

Dairy products in general tend to contain a high amount of sugar and are also difficult to digest, which can disturb digestion and cause sleep problems. Therefore, ice cream, custard or a bowl of milk are not recommended before going to bed. It is preferable to choose a natural yogurt and fresh cheesessuch as mozzarella or feta.


Broccoli or cabbage would be discouraged due to their difficult digestion. Also, corn, potatoes or pumpkin contain more calories than other vegetables, so it is better to consume them during the day. It is preferable choose green leafy vegetables, which are great allies at night because they have few calories, a lot of fiber and a low glycemic index.


Chorizo ​​or salami are not great dinner companions. These they contain a lot of fat, salt and calories, which can be a pump for our digestion. The lean ones, such as cooked ham or turkey breast, are healthier than the fatty ones, but they should not be abused either.


It is always a good option for almost any meal. However, you have to be careful with fruits that are rich in carbohydrates and with those that can provide more calories. For example, banana, mango or dried fruit It is better to consume them during the day and leave other lighter ones such as melon or watermelon for the night. Citrus fruits should also be avoided, since they are very acidic and can cause heartburn.

bread and pasta

being rich in carbohydrates, they don’t burn out overnight and can cause you to wake up intermittently during sleep. However, bread can be consumed in small quantities to accompany the main meal.


A tasty and handy option. However, it is recommended don’t abuse her since it abounds in carbohydrates and fats, something inadvisable before going to sleep due to its heaviness and difficult digestion.

Red meat

Experts and organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend consuming this type of meat at most twice a week, so we cannot make it a regular at our dinners. Due to its high protein content, it is difficult to digest, so it is always better to opt for white meat if we want meat for dinner.


It is a food with a high caloric content. Although it is an ideal dinner closure to leave a good taste in the mouth, it is better to eat it during the day to avoid sleep problems, since it also contains caffeine. In small quantities (an ounce) it is not a problem. But it’s hard to stop once you start.


They provide many kilocalories and simple sugars that do not provide nutrients. Also, many of them, like cola, contain caffeine, which can lead to insomnia.


Although it is quite obvious, it is worth remembering: coffee is not recommended at night due to its high caffeine content. In fact, it should not be taken after five in the afternoon and if it is, it should be decaffeinated. According to a study in the journal Sciencethis drink drastically affects the circadian rhythm and can delay the sleep cycle by up to 40 minutes.

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