“Forgive me, this should not end like this”

The whole death thing. Sevda it’s getting too much for Demir. No matter how much she betrayed him, she was her second mother, her confidante… And he loved her very much!

Demir offered to take care of the body of Sevda without the police having to intervene. So Ümit wouldn’t go to jail for murder, since she was the one who shot Sevda. Though the bullet was really aimed at Demir.

So Demir he had to take care of the body of his former mother. It was very hard, since it was not easy to do everything behind the back of Züleyha and the police, and also mourn the loss of Sevda.

After dinner with Betül and Sermin and the tense moment when Züleyha realized there was blood on her husband’s car, Demir knew he had no time to waste. He had to get rid of the body as soon as possible or they would end up thinking that he had been the one who had killed the singer.

The young man had to go through several unforeseen events… A man almost discovered him taking Sevda’s body out of the trunk! And then he had to go through a police checkpoint. What would have happened if the police had discovered her body?

Finally, Demir has reached the site chosen to deposit Sevda’s body. The young man couldn’t stop crying… It was too much for him to bury Sevda! Demir feels guilty for how everything has happened, besides, he has broken the promise he made to his father: “Take care of Sevda”. But it was she who gave her life for him. Demir, between tears, has spent an intimate moment with her where he has caressed her face: “Forgive me, but now you can rest in peace.” In addition, he has promised that his daughter Ümit Nothing will happen to him… But, will it be true?

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