Four unforgettable marriage proposals from the tenth season of ‘Amar es para siempre’

Coral, Raúl and an unfulfilled promise

“I promise you that every day I will try to conquer you again because we deserve to be happy together”, promised a loving Raúl kneeling in front of a confused Coral.

Determined to end their previous relationships and move forward with their baby, the couple embarked on the most difficult journey of their lives: marriage. What they did not expect was that life held a very different future for them.

Everything that at first seemed to unite them ended up exploding when Coral suffered a painful miscarriage. Without a baby, a family project and without Raúl’s support, Garlo’s shop assistant decided to end her relationship with her manager forever, who, despite not having managed to win her back, is still in love with her.

The biggest crush on Sonia’s agency

medina broke into Crushes, the dating agency of Sonya, with a makeup resume and a smile from ear to ear. Accustomed to organizing love encounters and uniting soul mates, the psychologist would never have expected to find hers at the desk in front of her office.

She was running away from love and commitment, but it was very difficult for her to avoid her feelings for Medina. After many months leaving her and the desire to share her life with her, Medina, trying to hide from Sonia the secret that would sink her partner, was forced to risk: “Do you want to marry me?”

Now, the couple starts a new life in Galicia. Will they dare to take the most important step of their lives?

A love that defies all adversity

The past can be a ghost when you’re not proud of your actions or decisions, but with Penelope’s help, Ishmael has managed to leave the evil spirits behind.

With the news of the teacher’s pregnancy, the King’s manager knew that life was giving her a new opportunity, a new future. And, what better than a project for the future than a ring made of flour and sugar?

the judgment of love

After kissing many frogs, who was going to tell Cristina that she was going to find her prince in an epidemic?

The lawyer offered to help the doctor find the origin of the so-called atypical pneumonia (rapeseed oil). But there is a lot of truth in the saying ‘touch makes love’, because, soon, the professional relationship gave way to a strong complicity.

The doctor is willing to prove to him every day of his life that his love is sincere and…they are going to walk down the aisle!

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