Fran Rivera, fired from ‘Public Mirror’

Frank Rivera will no longer sit at the ‘Public Mirror’ table. As SEMANA has learned from Atresmedia sources, the chain has decided to dispense with its services and, after four years in the program that presents Susanna Graythe bullfighter will not join the program’s talk show hosts at the current affairs table in the new season.

The bullfighter will not be on the set of ‘Public Mirror’


It was in February 2018 when the morning magazine signed Fran Rivera as a collaborator of the program, both at the opinion table and later in his interviewer registry, granting him his own section, in which the right-hander interviewed current figures. So far, so good, despite the many controversies in which he has been involved due to his sometimes politically incorrect opinions.

But none of these controversies has been the real cause of his departure from the San Sebastián de los Reyes chain. As they tell SEMANA, “For a long time they wanted to do without him. They considered that he had not contributed much content to the program for a long time, but not everyone agreed. There was some strong opposition to dispensing with him, so the bullfighter remained on the air… But his presence on the Toni Moreno at the beginning of summer has served as an excuse to make a firm decision”.

His time in ‘Let yourself be loved’ did not like Atresmedia


Indeed, the bullfighter went to the Telecinco program ‘Let yourself be loved’ last June to be interviewed by his friend Toñi Moreno. Something that Atresmedia did not like at all. “His collaboration with Mediaset did not like anything in high places and it has been the last straw”, they assure us. There, the journalist from Sanlúcar and the right-hander talked about issues that orbit in the universe of Fran Rivera, such as, for example, the issue of his brothers, Cayetano and Kiko, and the disagreements between them. As they explain to us, this fact was not well seen by those responsible for the chain and they asked that it be dispensed with for the new season that is already beginning.

When the bullfighter joined the network’s morning format four years ago, Susanna Griso publicly acknowledged that she had been trying to sign Francisco Rivera for more than a decade to be a collaborator on the program. «You have been fighting me for ten years until you have accepted», he said, between laughs, to the right-hander. He said he was very happy and assured that his family supported him one hundred percent in this new television journey. Public Mirror announced with great fanfare the signing as a collaborator of the program and he added: “The bullfighting press has done me more harm than the heart press.”

How old is Fran Rivera?

48 years.

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