Frank Blanco and his unknown past on television with his wife

Since Telecinco decided to bet on the arrival of a new program on their grill for weekend afternoons, and that program is ‘Is summer’. A space that is being presented by veronica dulanto, Martha Gonzalez Novo Y Frank Whitethree famous faces already on the small screen.

However, and to the surprise of many, Blanco has not only been a renowned presenter on television, either by the hand of TVE, Atresmedia either Mediaset, but before that he had another job and was also linked to the screen and to what is now his home, Telecinco. Besides, he was not alone, but His current wife, Sira Fernández, also appeared with him.

It all happened in 2004, when Frank Blanco left his position on television and radio programs aside to play the role of an actor, not in any series, but in the mythical plot of ‘The Serranos’where made a cameo in a scene where he played himself with his wifeSira, to tell the rock quartet made up of Raúl, Africa, Marcos and Chucky, called ‘The Cockles’who could not participate in an important music event due to the controversial statements they had made at the press conference.

At that time, the band would try to bribe Frank and Sira with 60 euros, without success, as both opted to call the security agents to be kicked out of the venue where the concert was to be held.

Work and life companions

Frank Blanco and Sira Fernández appeared together in this episode titled ‘A jungle year’but they were also companions for a long period of time in one of the best-known music programs in our country. A relationship that went beyond the microphones, well they began a love relationship in 2008 and already has two children, Martín and Mateo.

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