Frank Cuesta explodes due to the “disrespect” of ‘[email protected]’, who responds in a message

Alfonso Arus and his team returned to laSexta this Monday with the new season of [email protected]. The morning format, which has returned from the holidays with great audience data, has also been involved in controversy due to content that has not done any good to Frank Cuesta. This is what he himself has stated after seeing that he was one of the protagonists in the section entitled ‘zascas’.

It happened on August 31, when the program rescued some images in which Frank responded to some of the criticism that came to him through social networks: “I am the biggest referent that there is right now at the level of Spain and probably Latin, after Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente”.

“Very rarely have we witnessed the symbiosis of zasca and ‘I don’t have a grandmother’ (…) lucky that he said after Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente,” Arús pointed out humorously after the video was broadcast. “He is at the height of Aramís Fuster” It was another of the comments that could be heard on set.

What nobody expected was that Frank was going to react with a statement on his social networks. “Dear Alfonso and program partners. I do not have the pleasure of meeting you personally, but I have received a clip where my work is mocked in your program, saying that I am at the same level as Aramís Fuster”, he begins by saying.

“Without disparaging this person, I would like to tell them (…) that for me it is a total lack of respect for 25 years dedicated to safeguarding the lives of many animals and above all to instill a love for nature in many young people”, he continues to express his anger with the space.

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After reviewing all the achievements he has achieved in his career, he addresses the laSexta program in this way: “If my projects are summed up in a ridicule of myself and my work, I can only tell you that I will neither ridicule nor insult nobody’s job.” “I would ask that as journalists and having a program with a large audience, don’t try to publicly throw away 25 years of other people’s work in 30 seconds“, ends in the message.

To settle this controversy, the ‘[email protected]’ team has responded on Twitter to Frank’s words, making it clear that their intention was not to belittle his work: “Hello, Frank! We put your video in our Zascas section for the strength of your message. We never intended to ridicule you. We are a comedy program and we did not want to offend you with our comments.” “For years we have commented on your programs, highlighting your work. Greetings!”, they underline on the social network.


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