Friday, September 2, 2022

This is the horoscope prediction by zodiac sign for Friday, September 2, 2022. Check your sign in 20minutos.es.


After a few days that were a bit tense, today a more harmonious and fulfilling day awaits you, more conducive to receiving help or making things a little easier for yourself. It will happen to you especially at work and worldly affairs, but it will also happen to you in your intimate life. The working week will end happily for you.


As great as the obstacles are, you never stop persevering until you get what you are looking for, and that will be the spirit that you will have throughout today. Your stubbornness is capable of breaking down all walls, so you know that no matter what happens, in the end you will end up making your dreams come true.


The misfortune or sinking of your adversaries or enemies will make it a good day for you. Destiny is going to open paths for you that others had closed to you and today that famous saying that “there is no good that does not come from evil” will come true and whether evil happens to others or even to yourself, it will be for your good.


Today you are going to have struggle and tension in your worldly life but peace in your soul and your heart, because you know that you are doing what you should do and fighting to try to make your dreams come true. No matter how lucky you are, you can never win the lottery if you don’t at least play. This is the path you must follow every day.


The good disposition will return to your soul again and with it also the good star that at the moment is very high and bright illuminating your destiny. That’s why don’t get entangled in small domestic conflicts because now you should think big and fight for those job and financial successes that await you.


Today will be dominated by feelings and sentimental or family matters will acquire greater importance than usual. But you should not suffer or be afraid because if others can be happy you can too, there is nothing in you that is going to stop you and soon life will give you a new opportunity.


A test related to love and feelings awaits you, it is very possible that you have put your hopes in the wrong person or you have not known how to manage the relationship well, but the truth is that you are facing a jug of cold water that is, in reality, positive for you although you are going to believe just the opposite.


The Moon transits through your sign and that will increase everything related to emotions and feelings, but precisely in that area your happiness is divided between two paths or two people. Now you feel confused and therefore you should wait a little longer to make the right decision. But you won’t go wrong.


A great change or transformation is approaching your life, it is an evolution for the better, but it will seem rather the opposite to you because first it will force you to get rid of situations or people that do not suit you or stop your evolution. , but you must have confidence in your destiny and soon you will rejoice.


Today awaits you a day of great efforts and sacrifices in your work, a day of struggles without reward, or in any case those rewards will come later. In addition, perhaps in your intimate life you also have some small dislike. There is no doubt that it is a sad or unpleasant day, but the storm will soon pass.


Be careful with betrayals, or in the best of cases with disappointments. You are full of ideals and good intentions, but many people around you are nothing like you. You must defend what is yours and think that often through charity the plague enters and you do not deserve to be taken advantage of.


You are about to achieve something you have been fighting for for a long time, something related to work and your aspirations, but until you fully achieve it, do not tell anyone about your plans because they could be aborted or everything will be much more difficult for you . Silence or discretion will now be your best weapons.


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