Friends fire Salvatore Stars to the beat of ‘Broken Hearts’

Salvador Garrido, alias Salvatore Star, run over in Zaragoza on the 28th, he was loved and admired. And there are many people who have sincerely felt his death: musicians, dancers, sound technicians, programmers, composers, rockers in general, clients of his Iron Salfer gym and admirers, all have gathered this Tuesday to say goodbye to this composer and performer, with the soul of a ‘crooner’, admirer and versioner of Elvis Presley, and other American musicians, from Dean Martin to Kenny Rogers and Frank Sinatra.

There, in the church of Santa Rita, next to the funeral home, were his relatives, with Maite Vinualeshis wife, at the head and his friend Lola Moreno, with whom she has acted on many occasions, as a cheerleader. The guitar sounds put them Jose Luis Arrazola and Ricky Martinez, and there were several singers who were encouraged to sing ‘Corazón rotos’, perhaps their roundest song. They sang, among others, Michel ‘Buccaneer’ Carnicer, Alfonso and Luis Cebrián, Emilio Larruga, etc. Mayor Jorge Azcón had the beautiful gesture of participating in the farewell.

Salvatore Stars had done a bit of everything. Fun, classic and more transgressive concerts, galas, in very diverse formats, but he also recorded albums, with his songs and versions. His friend Luis Cebrián, who did the program ‘Vivo cantando’ with him on Antena Aragón, recalled that he was working on a new album, ‘El Legado’ or ‘Legado’, simply, of his songs.

“I thought about all the songs a lot. Each song was sent to me, and I think I had the feeling that she was in front of the record of her life. She faced him, at least, with that enthusiasm. I like his status as a ‘crooner’ more than his country experiments, but even more his emotional songs, those that portray him too”, explains Luis Cebrián, moved like other friends by his unexpected and unfortunate end and moved by the affection he aroused, as was seen in the full house in the church of Santa Rita, in Agustinos.


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