Froilan loses the papers with his ex-partner in a nightclub: “He got very nervous”

Felipe Juan Froilán de Marichalar y Borbónbetter known as Froilan and for being the nephew of King Felipe VI, he has once again been the protagonist as a result of a strong argument in the Opium nightclublocated in Marbella and that is one of the busiest in this summer season, and that has to do with a person with whom he shared his love a while ago.

According to ‘It’s already summer’, a Mediaset magazine, the infanta Elena’s son suffered a “jealousy attack” because this coincided with his ex-partner, sea ​​towerswith her new boyfriend Salman Yousra, well known at night in Marbella for his role as public relations in nightclubs. Both of them were aware that Froilán was there, and therefore showed an affectionate attitude before the gaze of the grandson of the king emeritus.

“Mar Torres was with her boyfriend very close, very sticky and all the time kissing and trying to provoke Froilán who did not take his eyes off them,” this source tells the Telecinco format. Froilán could not contain his nerves and finally approached the couple, since this event was not doing him any good. “Froilán got very nervous and they ended up facing each other, you could feel the screams that hit”, reveals. Finally, the friends of Froilán dissolved the revolt with the intervention of some of them. “They went out through different places, the tension was maximum”.

Witness to the Opium shooting

In fact, it just so happens that Froilán celebrated his 24th birthday in this nightclub, and whose party was tainted by a shootout between groups of drug traffickers that left a total of five injured. Luckily, the friends and relatives who were invited by the king’s nephew came out of the revolt unscathed.

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