‘From house to house’: 5 reasons to love the new Netflix series on extreme reforms

A team of renovation experts who takes a risk and devises very ambitious plans to transform multi-family homes from top to bottom in just 12 hours? Yes, it exists and you can already see it on your screen. Under this approach, it develops From house to house (in English, Instant Dream Home), the new series of Netflix about extreme reforms. With a cast led by the American actress Danielle Brooksa team of designers and builders make the impossible possible. From house to house I know premiered in August and is already one of our favorite series on renovations. Here are 5 reasons why you’ll love this new guilty pleasure.


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1. Make the difficult easy

With a multidisciplinary team capable of everything, the best of From house to house it is his virtue to seek (and find) easy solutions to complex approaches. From creating a room that doesn’t exist to creating a garden where there was only a wasteland, the team at Danielle Brooks is capable of everything and also in a simple way. The key? Organization, teamwork and good humor despite stress.

2. Get inspired for your reform

A couple with nine children who are longing for more space (and less clutter), a single mom and her daughter looking for a new twist to their home or an outdated home that needs updating. All these situations are part of the series, which are resolved with very inspiring ideas and that will help you design your next reform. Open your eyes wide!

3. The human factor

In the first chapter, the team of From house to house renovates a family’s home to make it more accessible for a future grandmother with vision loss. The good news? That attend to and materialize the particularities that needs this person with special needs. Throughout the eight chapters that the series lasts, there are exciting and sensitive moments, and we love that.


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