From Sergio Ramos singing for C Tangana to the King Emeritus: Carlos Latre brings 100 characters to Zaragoza

From Nairobi from the Casa de Papel to the King Emeritus, passing through the incombustible Julio Iglesias and Sergio Ramos singing for C Tangana. Carlos Latre will demonstrate in “One Man Show” that he has the superpower to become 100 artists, athletes and celebrities thanks to his best tool: his voice. The show will arrive on September 9 and 10 at the Zaragoza Auditorium. A city that, he says, has always treated him very well and in which he will talk about the most furious current affairs.

«If we did the show tonight we could talk about the electric buses that will no longer be red, that Pep Chavarría has left Zaragoza, that it is very hot with our friend Brasero and about the possible signings of Real Zaragoza in a special Chiringuito with Pedrerol”, Latre recognized this Wednesday in the presentation of a show in which he wants to make the people of Zaragoza recognize his city and its current status. “I don’t want to make a show that goes through a city without more, but rather that the viewer sees that we have soaked ourselves in it and that we know the customs and what is happening in the streets,” the imitator has assured.

Photo: Laura Trives

A more mature Latre, more rogue, more daring and, in short, the best Latre of all time. Since he went up on stage for the first time 25 years ago, the imitator has endorsed the voices of Julio Iglesias, Roberto Brasero, Shakira, Matías Prats, Isabel Preysler and even the King Emeritus. In “One man show” the viewer will be able to see all of them in addition to the best-known robbers of all time from the Casa de Papel.

“It is a very crazy show where up to three characters appear every minute for 90 minutes. It has a dizzying pace and both the youngest and the oldest audience will be able to recognize and enjoy some of the characters that appear”, Carlos Latre assured.

After passing through Barcelona and Madrid, “One man show” reaches the Aragonese capital with the sole intention of making people laugh. “It is a show that I call positive because after the pandemic and all the darkest moments, it wants to make people forget about the bad for a few moments and get them to leave here a little happier,” Latre acknowledged.

Thus, after 25 years on stage imitating the biggest celebrities, athletes and singers, Carlos Latre will show that he alone can handle 100 characters on September 9 and 10 at the Auditorium.

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