FromSoftware is also part of Sony and Tencent in a new injection of millionaire capital

This is not the first time we have heard of a possible purchase from the FromSoftware studio. The parents of Dark Souls, Elden Ring and almost the entire Souls genre, have been, apparently, in the sights of many studies with Sony as one of the strongest rumors. However, the Japanese studio is not for sale, at least for the moment, but Sony and Tencent have bought a majority share from FromSoftware.

Another movement on this August 31 along with the purchase of the French studio Quantic Dream by NetEase Games, another Asian business conglomerate. In this case, Kadokawa Corporation, parent company of FromSoftware, has announced that Tencent and Sony Interactive Entertainment will expand their actions until they get something more than 30% of the total of FromSoftware between the two.

This is divided into a 16.25% from FromSoftware for Sixjoy Hong Kong (a subsidiary of Tencent), while Sony takes over 14.09% remaining, which adds up to a total of 30.34%. Meanwhile, the rest of FromSoftware’s property, 69.66% of the shares of the Japanese studio, will remain under the control of Kadokawa Corporation, which holds the majority stake and, therefore, the unequivocal ownership from the Elden Ring studio.

But what does this mean for Sony and Tencent? There are no exclusivities involved and Kadokawa will remain as a company capable of deciding the actions and alliances of the Japanese studio. However, this is good news for FromSoftware which, with a increased injection of capital from 2 other important partners, will be able to invest in the development of IPs and will strengthen your team developmental.

As for the future of FromSoftwarethe Japanese will continue to work on new Elden Ring content, either in the video game or under an intellectual property in various entertainment media. Far from this last Japanese record, the study has 2 other projects in the airone of them about to be announced in society.

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