Gattuso’s Valencia gets another important signing

The Valencia of Gattuso I know does with another important signing, in this case the one at the end that was missing to complete the list with Samu Castillejo and Samuel Lino. Bryan Gil will live his second stage as a Valencianista after having been on loan last year for a few months, and this time he is expected to give everything that was pending in the previous season, which was more about expectations than reality.

Nobody doubts his quality, but by system, by context or whatever, Bryan was not the one that the English signed for almost 30 million euros a year ago now. Perhaps he was wrong, perhaps the pressure, perhaps demanding too much. It could have been many factors, but it is clear that the same cannot happen right now, and that his performance must be immediate from the moment he puts on the shirt.

It will be another “bareback” loan, that is, without a purchase option by Valencia, at least by contract, but it is obvious that if it is a good year, and the team ends up playing in Europe, the options of being able to count on him in the campaign 23/24 will be greater. The transfers have their negative part in that you do not insure the player beyond the current year, but you win in this aspect.

If everything goes well, Bryan Gil will be here this week, and if he’s physically fit, it’s more than possible that he’ll already have minutes against Atlético de Madrid, because in the games we’ve played to date, both Lino and Castillejo have finished very fair, and they cried out for fresh legs to be put into their posts. Let’s see if this time he plays the good version of the man from Cádiz.

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