Gazprom cuts gas supply to France’s Engie

The French energy supply company Engie has reported that the Russian giant Gazprom As of this Tuesday, it has carried out a reduction in the flow of gas supplied, which had already fallen substantially since the start of the war in Ukraine, as a result of the disagreement between the parties in the application of some contracts.


“Gazprom has informed Engie of a reduction in gas deliveries, as of today, due to a disagreement between the parties on the application of some contracts,” the French company confirmed in a statement.

In this regard, Engie recalled that Gazprom’s supply had substantially decreased since the beginning of the war in Ukraineat the end of last February, with a recent monthly flow of about 1.5 TWh, compared to Engie’s total annual supplies in Europe of over 400 TWh.

The French ‘utility’ has underlined that it had already secured the necessary volumes to meet its commitments with its customers and its own requirements, after putting in place several measures to significantly reduce the direct financial and physical impact that could result from a gas supply interruption by Gazprom.

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