Gazprom suspends indefinitely the supply of gas by Nord Stream 1 due to an alleged leak

Pipelines of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline EFE

The measure comes shortly after the G-7 announced the control of Russian oil prices


Updated at 7:24 p.m.

Gazprom announced this Friday through a statement that it is going to prolong the gas supply cutoff through the North Stream 1 due to a technical failure, apparently a leak, reports Reuters. Gas supply was scheduled to return from tomorrow after a three-day shutdown, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced on Thursday.

as reported Rosalia Sanchez, Germany received the Russian announcement yesterday with mistrust.

The new supply cut, this time indefinite, occurs on the same day that the G-7 has announced that it will impose controls at the price of Russian oil to prevent the Kremlin from reinforcing Ukraine’s aggression and to control inflation.

Through Telegram, Gazprom said that the oil leak detection report “was also signed by Siemens representatives.” Gazprom quoted Siemens as saying that the necessary repairs could only be done under “the conditions of a specialized workshop”.

Nord Stream 1, which runs under the Baltic Sea to supply gas to Germany and other countries, had been running at just 20% capacity even before flows stopped for three days this week for maintenance.


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