Ghost Song will be the new 2D metroidvania for consoles


Humble Games and the developer Old Moon wanted to make official the arrival on our consoles and PCs of Ghost Songa game they have been working on since 2015, when it was funded on Kickstarter. This 2D action metroidvania will be available on November 3after having been adrift for many years, during which the community did not have everything they wanted to see this game on their screens.

Now, polished and ready to go into action, Lorian’s moon is preparing to make us explore all its corners to find the answers to all our questions. According to the studio, it’s an atmospheric game about self-discovery, ancient mysteries, and cosmic terror. In addition, they wanted to comment on the following: «Explore caverns illuminated only by bioluminescent flora, fight against strange and powerful creatures, and gain new skills to investigate the ancient secrets of this alien world«.

Among all its features, we can count on some enhancers that we can use for combat and exploration, cataloging this game as a metroidvania. At the same time, along the surface we find optional hidden zones and labyrinthine areas. In addition, we will have at our disposal a system of improvements for our suit and weapon that will make our lives much easier in this dark hidden world.

One of the most important features when making Ghost Song has been the constant contact with its players to finish the game. Without more, it has been possible to play the game continuously with a series of demos that have been uploaded to receive the sensations of the players. The last one that could be accessed was a 1-hour demo, where we put up a video of the first 15 minutes.

In short, it is a game that all metroidvania fans who want to discover a totally new world in which to get lost for hours will fall in love.

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