goodbye to the kaiser

The stage of an albiazul legend comes to an end. The cycle closes after eight intense seasons. Víctor Laguardia will not continue at Deportivo Alavés. The central hand says goodbye to the Albiazul squad after not being able to reach an agreement with the club for his renewal.

End to the soap opera of the summer. Laguardia is already the history of Alavés. History in capital letters. Not in vain, the handy player has been one of the best defenders that the Paseo de Cervantes entity has had in these more than one hundred years of life. A kaiser in the rear. An insurmountable bastion that has earned the affection of the Babazorra fans for his dedication and commitment since he arrived in Vitoria from Zaragoza back in a distant month of July 2014.

Since then, the Aragonese player has been a pillar for the large number of coaches that Alavés has had on its bench during these eight years. 14 nothing less, from Alberto López during his debut, in 2014-15, to Julio Velázquez, the third and last one he had last season. With Bordalás, in his second season at Mendizorroza, he played 39 of the 42 games in the Second Division.

Fireproof. 3,466 minutes on the pitch in that 2015-16 campaign under the baton of the coach from Alicante, in which Alavés would achieve promotion. Always at the foot of the canyon. Only knee injuries have prevented him from playing more games with the albiazul shirt. In fact, due to some discomfort in his joint, another historic event was lost, such as the Cup final on May 28, 2017 against Barça.

knee injuries

Nevertheless, a warrior like Laguardia always comes back. He did so in the 2017-18 season. That course, Víctor Laguardia became the club’s best winter signing. Abelardo’s Alavés suffered at the bottom of the table and was a serious candidate for relegation.

Well, the Aragonese center-back, who returned in a been in amazing shape After overcoming a long and serious injury – his third – to his right knee, he became one of the main architects of the impressive comeback signed that course by the Gasteiz team.

Celebrating the ascent in Mendizorroza.

The nightmare for Laguardia It had started in April 2017 when, after a clash with Boateng, against Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, his joint was damaged again. The club applied a conservative treatment to him with the confidence that he could play in the Cup final a month later. It was not possible. The man spent a whopping eight months in dry dock.

I work hard, very, very hard during a long and costly recovery phase. It paid off. In fact, Laguardia returned to the pitch with incredible force on January 10 against Formentera, in the second leg of the Cup round of 16. He did not feel inactive. 90 minutes at the best level. As always, all claw and delivery. In fact, many might think that he would blame his inactivity. It was not so. What’s more, that day he surprised everyone because he had an impeccable physical appearance and played a superb match. He was back.

This would be confirmed months later in which he would become an undisputed player again on the rear axle. Without a rest. The handy player even scored a key goal for salvation against Levante in that final stretch of the season. Vital for Abelardo. Also for those who would come later. A basic piece for all of them. Not surprisingly, given that Víctor Laguardia has been life insurance at the back, even allowing him to apply for the Spanish national team a few years ago.

Quality, claw and heart

Its quality, claw and heart they served him to be a transcendental figure, both on and off the pitch. For this reason, it was not surprising that last season he became the first captain of the club after the departure of Manu García. An exemplary captain dedicated to the cause of Alavés.

Therefore, Víctor Laguardia will always have a place in the hearts of Albiazul fans. The player from Zaragoza has won since his arrival to the fans. In each presentation he was always one of the most acclaimed. Now, all of them are sorry that one of his icons will not continue in the club. Eight years in Gasteiz made him one of the house.

Neverthelessnow the paths of Víctor Laguardia and Deportivo Alavés separate. The Aragonese defender thus ends his time in Vitoria after eight seasons, in which he has played 265 games.

Festival of the ascent in the Virgen Blanca in the 2015-16 campaign.

wanted to continue

Have been weeks of tug of war, but in the end the player has not been convinced by the downward offer from the babazorro team, so he will seek accommodation in another destination.

The downgrade and the loss of economic muscle of the babazorra entity have played against it. Laguardia was aware that his record would be reduced, given the drop in category, but he trusted at least that Alavés would come close to his claims. However, it has not been possible.

the brave player maño leaves without being able to say goodbye as he would have liked, on the grass and wearing albiazul. And it is that Laguardia wanted to continue in what has been his home for eight years. In fact, the player has bought a house in Gasteiz since his intention was to continue residing in the Alava capital and playing for Alavés, even knowing that perhaps he would not have such a leading role as in previous years.

The future

Now he will have to find accommodation in another team. At least, the fact of not having a contract and being a free agent would allow him to sign even once the transfer market ends this Thursday, September 1.

for now, the handy defender is not having much luck in this aspect either. And it is that to date it is not that offers have rained down on him either. The one from Sporting by Abelardo and his former team, Zaragoza, next to that of the First Federation Intercity; succulent at an economic level, but whose reality is that it was one rung below Second and that sportingly it did not convince the former albiazul player.

In the last hours the possible interest of Granada has also come to light. He has time to close his march to the Andalusian team. What is clear is that he will no longer continue in Alavés. Goodbye Kaiser.


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