Grafaiai, a monkey painter who will be part of ‘Scarlet and Purple’

The Pokémon Company continues its investigation to discover Paldea. And finally, camera in hand, the region’s photographer has made a new find: Grafaiaia new creature that will make its debut in Pokemon Scarlet and Purplegames that they will arrive at switch on November 18.

In the cinematic trailer that they shared this Thursday they have shown a forest full of trees with mysterious patterns painted by this species, where it seems that this monster appears more often. And so it has been, because these colors, which also work as traps with other pokémon, have attracted a Grafaiai.

In this way, they have presented this Poison and Normal type monkey, whose name could be based on the graffiti. This new nocturnal creature has the ability to paint with their fingers full of saliva, and its colors change depending on the berries it eats. In fact, he uses different tones to paint on top of other patterns and thus take the territory away from the Grafaiai who would have done it before.

Apart from this cinematic scene, they have shown a trailer in-game where has this new pokémon been seen in action and in a fight. But players will be able to learn more about it when the new games arrive, the ninth generation of the saga centered on Paldea, a region that is based in Spain.


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