Grammy winner, starring in Pizza Hut and Louis Vuitton, the lesser-known face of the former Soviet leader

Mikhail Gorbachev He was one of the most important politicians in the history of Europe.. He piloted the fall of the Soviet Union, and that position earned him praise in the West and much criticism in what is now Russia. For example, in Moscow Stalin’s valuation is higher than that of the last leader of the USSR; meanwhile, in the former Soviet republics they see the dictator with quite worse eyes. In 1991 Gorbachev he left behind his front-line position in decision-making, but his figure continued to influence other spheres… some of them very striking.

“Gorbachev is Perestroika, Gorbachev is disarm, Gorbachev is convincing. He is a star, superstar“, this is for example part of the lyrics of a song by locomia which is, at least, a tribute to the politician. The subject came to light in 1989, only two years before the fall of the USSR and social networks have been filled with videos of the group after his death. But this is not only the only twist that involves the leader.

On the other hand, Gorbachev He was also the winner of a Grammy in 2004 with Bill Clinton and Sophia Loren. thanks to a story read for children. Whoever was the visible head at the end of the USSR made his appearances in advertising. On a political level he opened the Soviet Union towards a more capitalist approach through the reforms of the perestroika and was the protagonist without going any further than an advertisement for the Pizza Hut chain. In the clip, he is seen arriving at a restaurant and sitting next to a child. Customers recognize him and criticize him, but end up praising him precisely because he likes pizza.

Gorbachev too had a fleeting appearance in a major Louis Vuitton campaign. He leaves sitting in the back of a car, with a bag of the brand at his side. But what is striking about the images is that as the vehicle passes, from the back, remains of the Berlin Wall can be seen. Meanwhile, Gorbachev looks intently out the window. In addition, in Spain he received the Carlos V award, and visited the 1992 Expo in Sevillewhere he was cheered as he passed in front of the public together with Felipe González, and returned to the 2008 in Zaragoza. In 1990, on the other hand, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


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