Griezmann’s goal against Mamardashvili

Atlético recovered in Valencia what was let go against Villarreal. It was a good need for him, because that defeat left great discomfort due to the ugly embarrassment with which it ended. It was a match in which the initiative was taken by Valencia but Griezmann resolved it shortly after appearing, with a shot that was poisoned when hitting Soler. The rebound neutralized Mamardashvili, who denied Atlético the goal on his other three clear chances. Mamardashvili is a Georgian jewel that Valencia brought last year as a mere promise to play in the subsidiary and without anyone thinking about it, he broke in goal from the first day. Soccer sometimes gives these surprises.

With the goal resolved, Gattuso has part of the way covered. The other part remains, which he hopes Cavani, who has just arrived, will solve. Last night he attended the game, but we will see him there soon, once Maxi Gómez leaves his place and the necessary money to balance the account. Gattuso has liked Valencia because of his spirit, because the team plays well, but he needs those goals that Cavani can bring him, ‘per se’ or because of what he moves around him. At the moment, he has won over the fans, which is no small thing, because training that team is particularly difficult and he himself has already made it known with that one year for seven.

But I return to Atleti, to which these points taste like glory. Griezmann scored again, he said. He has been playing for a while because the transfer of him for two seasons from Barça to Atleti carries a clause of 40 million if he plays half the games, counting as a game everything that is one time or more. As he is going somewhat high from the previous year, this year we will frequently see him enter the 60′, unless between now and the day after tomorrow there is an exit that leaves room for the club’s accounts. Simeone balances, we’ll see until when. For now, goal by goal, cup by cup, Griezmann is contributing. Financial control squeezes are for everyone.

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