Gueye, Fuentes and Quinteros, the three new ones already train with Carcedo

Senegalese center forward Makhtar Gueye; Colombian left-back defender Gabriel Fuentes; and Bolivian central defender Jairo Quinteroshave been the three new and striking faces of Real Zaragoza’s training session at the Ciudad Deportiva at mid-morning this Thursday, September 1, the day of the end of the summer transfer market.

The three have met their new coach on the spot and on the pitch, Juan Carlos Carcedoand the rest of the Zaragoza squad, who has received them with the classic ‘hazing’ gesture of going through the human arc of blows to the head and neck amid friendly laughter. Gueye was already presented on Wednesday night at La Romareda. Fuentes and Quinteros will be on Thursday afternoon on the same stage, at a time and in a manner yet to be defined, although they have already fully joined the group work once the club notified the official hiring of both first thing in the morning.

The three They notably increase the already overpopulated distribution of players with whom the coaching staff has been working since the beginning of summer. however no cancellation has been made Among the various footballers who should have left the club for a two-month period and who, on the contrary, have not found the mechanism for this to happen, Carcedo has returned to work with a group that exceeds thirty men, something unheard of at this point in the league and that is not sustained a few hours before the end of the legal period for signings and transfers.

Petrović, Narvaez, Larrazabal, Nick Buyla, Lasure… players who, according to June forecasts, should no longer be in the squad, are still anchored in it under their existing contracts and because there has been no option for many weeks to reach an agreement for them to leave. Zaragoza executives have less than 12 hours to clarify any of these cases. If this does not happen, the design of the campus can be immediately difficult.


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