Gueye, Senegalese striker, signs for Real Zaragoza with the guarantee of Inter Miami

Makhtar Gueye, a 24-year-old Senegalese center forward, 1.95 tall and 90 kilos in weight, from Oostende KV in the Belgian first division, is already a footballer for Royal Saragossa. In the middle of the afternoon of this Wednesday, August 31, he signed the documentation to become the new benchmark for the team’s attack Juan Carlos Carcedo.

The striker signs for Real Zaragoza with the guarantee of Inter Miami, an American club that he also chairs George More Santosthe maximum leader of the new Zaragoza property since May. Hiring him is in the form of a transfer, with a mandatory purchase clause by SAD Blanquilla in the event of promotion to the First Division for a price of 3 million euros. It is, as was assumed since this option became known, a signing that comes through the group synergy facilitated by the new shareholder owners of Real Zaragoza.

The African striker was close to signing with England’s Burnley, which plays in the Championship (Second Division), but the decisive movement of Real Zaragoza, through its business leaders, has derived his immediate future towards the Aragonese club. has been tried for four days of a complex operationthree-way, which has kept Gueye waiting in Zaragoza since last Mondayon the 29th, with the past medical examination, while all the ends were tied up and the approval of La Liga.

Gueye, nicknamed ‘Pape’, responds to the model of a ‘tank ram’, a giant ‘9’ with a physical presence, he is right-footed and is used to being the reference for the team’s attack in the rival area. Recruited as a teenager in the academies that various agencies have in sub-Saharan Africa when he played for Union Sportive Gorée in Dakar, the Senegalese capital, his first destination in Europe was the historic Saint Ettener in France, to play for its subsidiary, in the 4th French category, in the 2018-19 league, just four seasons ago (he participated in 17 games and scored 5 goals).

Their progression has since passed through the first team of his own Saint Ettiene, where he debuted in the First Division at the end of that same season (5 games, with one goal); later, in the league of the pandemic, left on loan to Nancy, of the French Second Divisionwhere he was lined up 20 times with 5 goals to his credit.

Two years ago he left France to go on to try his luck in the Belgian competition, at Oostende KV, which has been his club in the last two years. In his debut in Flemish lands he played 33 games and scored 11 goals; and last year, his record was 35 games played with 12 goals.

Guy is the third Senegalese in the history of Real Zaragozabehind the midfielder Guirane N’Dawwho played some games the year of the last relegation, in the 2012-13 league, and who curiously came from Saint Ettiene, and Pape Diamankaalso a midfield player who was at La Romareda in the 15-16 league.


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