Gueye, the test of the nine of the Jorge Mas project

Molina, Mollejo, Simeone and Rebollo. That is until now the balance of signings of this summer of the new ownership of Real Zaragoza, a club that has been in a strange but calculated impasse for more than a month without specifying any acquisition. If nothing strange happens, what examples have there been this summer of interruptus signings, the next should be Makhtar Gueye, a 24-year-old Senegalese striker who has shone in the Belgian League with Oostende, where he scored thirteen goals (20-21) and twelve (21-22) in his last two seasons. A big man of 1.95 meters, very strong, with a spectacular athletic condition, right-handed and powerful hitting.

It is the nine that the club has chosen, a profile that Zaragoza expected from Jorge Mas and the one that, in the absence of official confirmation, will land in La Romareda thanks to the synergies, without which an acquisition of this caliber would have been unthinkable. Gueye is unknown in Spanish football but a striker who can have impact in the Second Division. This newspaper, with the signature of Santiago Valero, revealed on Sunday the operation to several gangs that Real Zaragoza had open and underway for their hiring, once again placing a high value on the quality and need for investigative journalism Independent.

A project of this opulence should not go beyond September 1 with a transfer list made up only of Mollejo, Molina, Simeone and Rebollo and with such a deep hole up front. Soccer is a capricious sport, subject to dozens of variables, some uncontrollable, but a priori Gueye is neither Sabin Merino nor Nano Mesa nor Álvaro Giménez. Rather, it would provide a more adequate response to the demands and high expectations generated by this new project.


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