“Hamilton is one of the cleanest drivers in history”

Briton Martin Brundle acknowledges that Lewis Hamilton made a mistake by colliding with Fernando Alonso on the first lap of the Belgian GP. “Lewis couldn’t see Fernando because he was in his blind spot, but honestly it had to be there somewhere and the Spaniard tried his best to stay inside. Lewis saw the footage, immediately raised his hand and accepted full responsibility.”, explains Brundle in his column to Sky Sports.

Brundle praises the fact that seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton acknowledged full responsibility for what happened, but at the same time criticizes Fernando Alonso’s words in which he reprimands the Briton. “What an idiot! He closes the door on me from the outside. We had made an impressive start. This guy only knows how to drive when he comes out first”Alonso said on the radio after his accident with Hamilton at the Les Combes chicane. For Brundle, Fernando’s comments are “motivated by rage and adrenaline, but in my opinion they are totally wrong and unfair”, opines.

The former driver praises his compatriot, commenting that he is “one of the fairest and cleanest drivers in the history of Formula 1″. He also reiterates that Lewis is not an example of a driver who has had to resort to “foul play given his relentless speed” throughout his career. Hamilton commented in the interview playpen that he intended to apologize to Alonso for what happened. “Now I see what Fernando thinks of me. I’m glad it’s public. I’m not going to apologize after those comments.”

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