“Harry has lost his father”

The Duchess of Sussex shakes the foundations of Bukingham again. Meghan Markle has granted a devastating interview to the New York magazine “The Cut” in which he has told curiosities of his current life and his relationship with the royal family.

Prince Harry’s wife, who is also the autumn cover of this publication, has made statements that according to the correspondent of the Royal House of the BBC: ‘It has left us speechless, it has put the British royal family in a difficult situation’.

Highlighting Markle’s intention to rejoin Instagram in this new interview, she reflects on what it was like to have no control over her account as a member of the royal family, with the Instagrams (@KensingtonRoyal), which Meghan and Harry shared with Kate Middleton and Prince William), Meghan had no control over what was published and when. After Megxit, Meghan decided to stay away from social networks: “I made a personal decision not to have any accounts for my own health, although that was a big adjustment. Going from that kind of autonomy to a different life was hard, but I loved Harry and I did it for him.”


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