HBO Max’s response to the premiere of ‘The Rings of Power’

Today the audiovisual news is dominated by J. R. R. Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has premiered its first two episodes on Amazon Prime, culminating a hype which has only gone further in recent weeks. Regardless of how shocking the prospect of returning to Middle-earth after the Peter Jackson, there is the millionaire investment of Amazon to first get hold of the rights to Tolkien, and then set up the blockbuster. It is, million above million below, one of the most ambitious series ever created, and the platform of streaming He plays with her a lot.

As if the occasion weren’t already memorable, it turns out that the rings of power It arrives in the framework of a surprising duel between platforms and series attached to heroic fantasy. Not even two weeks ago HBO premiered the house of the dragonprequel to Game of Thrones centered on the House Targaryen, and it is inevitable to perceive that both projects are destined for a target Similary. As, moreover, the rings of power has debuted with two episodes in unison (directed by J. A. Bayonne), it is the case that both The Lord of the rings What the house of the dragon They have matched their pace. From now on, while the house of the dragon launches episode on Sundays, the rings of power will do the same on Fridays.

The die is cast, and it is inevitable that both series compete for audience and media conversation. Hence, a recent play by HBO Max can be perceived as a way to impose itself on the board the same day it debuts. the rings of power: the platform has premiered on YouTube, for free, the first episode of the house of the dragon. No need to be subscribed to the service streamingbut with the obligation of having to do it if you like what you see, you can already see the heirs of the dragon, which introduces us to the new protagonists. We will have to see how the strategy works, and which series achieves victory over another.

For now, the house of the dragon is beating audiences on HBO Max, which return the figures to the times of Game of Thrones… but it has also suffered some mishap or another. This week we learned that Miguel Sapochnik leaves his post showrunner ahead of the second season, remaining Ryan County at the head of the series.

You can see the episode under these lines.

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