He wants to stay and live in the Yaman mansion!

Ümit agreed to leave Çukurova after everything that happened with Demir. The young Yaman did not want under any circumstances that the doctor had the alleged baby I was expectingand persecuted her to force her to have an abortion.

However, it did not turn out as he expected and in the end he had to give money and a car to Sevda Y Ümit to get them out of town.

When Demir thought that everything was over, mother and daughter waited for him and the worst happened. Ümit wanted to throw everything he had said about her in young Yaman’s face and shoot him, but her mother got in her way and her bullet hit her. Ümit killed Sevda!

Demir he took care of the singer’s body and buried it himself. The young man believed that Ümit had left Çukurova, but he never left…

The young woman has returned to the Yaman mansion to everyone’s surprise. What is she doing there?

Ümit he decided to stay in the city so that his son would not live far from his father. “Don’t provoke me again, this time no one is going to be able to save you,” Demir told her as soon as he saw her.

The doctor is not willing to go so easily… She has threatened the young Yaman to go to the police and say that he was the one who killed Sevda. More blackmail from Ümit!

The daughter of Sevda He has everything tied up: Who was going to believe Demir’s word with all the threats that the young woman had received from him? Everyone knew that Demir and Ümit did not get along and that he has tried by all means to keep her.

But this is not all, the doctor knows what she is going to do to be close to Demir and has threatened the young man with telling everything… If he does not accept that he stay and live in the mansion!

At that time has come Zuleyha… What is Ümit doing at home? The doctor hasn’t held back one bit… “We were about to decide if I’m going to live here,” she told him.

The time to decide has come… What will Demir choose? Will you accept that the doctor stays at home? What will Zuleyha do? Get ahead of the broadcast in ATRESplayer PREMIUM!

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