Heritage of a luxury brand that celebrates its origins and looks to the future

At the end of his life, my father used to question and invert the order of the saying “it’s not where you’re born, it’s where you graze”, instead giving more and more importance to origin as a form of identity and meaning. This desire to rescue the origins has made me think about the importance of reconciling the roots with the need to create, innovate and reinvent oneself.. On this occasion it makes me reflect on the history of a luxury brand that has the permanent need and obligation to promote creativity and innovation.

As I look at the evolution of our brand, I can see that in my experience it has been like that of a person who has roots, ancestors, legacies and even a gender of their own. Honoring the past and reflecting on the present and the future is not simply a nostalgic or sentimental attitude; it is a way to honor and celebrate ancestral principles, values ​​and philosophies, but that serve as motivation and inspiration to face the future with creativity and enthusiasm. reminds me too the recommendation made by the American thinker Henry David Thoreau to undertake new projects, but wearing old and familiar clothing. In our growth, we have to continually find this balance between tradition and modernity, legacy and future, history and innovation.

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