How many hurricanes have there been in Spain

The tropical storm called Danielle, continues to approach Europe. This cyclone, whose unusual latitude causes uncertainty among meteorologists, is a violent storm that produces torrential rains and strong gusts of wind in its wake. Currently it is far from Spainalthough in case of approaching it would not be the first tropical system to affect the peninsula.

Could a hurricane be created in Spanish waters?

The answer is no. A indispensable requirement for the formation of a hurricane is the Hot water, and our country is surrounded by cold water. To get enough energythey will need the heat and the vapor enough water to make a long journey to the Spanish coast.

The digital support specialized in weather information the time is claims that cold water acts as a brake for the creation of hurricanes, so it is practically impossible that we are affected by a big one. Even so, if sea temperatures continue to rise, so will the chances of hurricanes on the peninsula.

Why is the number of hurricanes increasing?

A study, published in 2021 in the popular science journal Nature Communications and made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technologyhas ratified that the activity of the tropical cyclones of the Atlantic has grown up in the last 150 years. Various investigations point to climate change as a possible culprit for the change in meteorological phenomena, although the cause remains unconfirmed.

The Meteorology Statal Agency (Aemet) too has conducted studies on the characteristics of tropical cyclonesseeking to show a possible near future in which this type of meteorological phenomena they keep getting closer to the country. John Jesus Gonzalez Germanauthor of the study, points out that the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere contributes to anthropogenic emissions that worsen climate change, increasing the temperature of the earth. This would cause a greater tropicalization of cyclones in the Mediterranean basin, known as ‘medicines‘.

What are some of the hurricanes that have threatened the peninsula?

The time is has pointed out three hurricanes and a tropical storm that touched Spain in recent years. hurricanes like Ophelia, which occurred in 2018, were found very close to the European continent. This came to impact in Ireland and the United Kingdom, earning the title of worst extratropical cyclone in terms of damage since the great storm of 1987.

Hurricane Vince

It happened between October 8 and 11 of the year 2005. Throughout these dates, the hurricane known as Vince approached the peninsula. It was the twentieth tropical storm and the eleventh hurricane of its season, generating in the Atlantic Ocean, where it remained until reaching category 1 of the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.

It made its first foray into the Iberian Peninsula on October 11, although it had already weakened to a tropical storm. Left no significant damage nor did it cause deaths in the affected area, southern Portugal and Huelva. Vince was the first phenomenon of these magnitudes to reach Spanish soil.

Hurricane Gordon

The following year, another tropical cyclone managed to approach the country. He was active from 10 until the September 20 of 2006. It directly impacted the Azores Islands, creating significant material damage in its path. At that time, he was considered a category 1 hurricane.

After forming northeast of the Leeward Islands, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a northeasterly direction. Once it lost strength it came to touch Spain, specifically the area of Galiciawhich suffered gusts of wind greater than 150 kilometers per hour. It caused material losses, but no casualties were recorded.

Hurricane Leslie

Its peak intensity was reached on October 11, 2018 in the south of the Azores, although its total duration was from the September 23 to October 14. It is the most powerful cyclone to reach the peninsula since 1842. Created in the Atlantic Ocean, it affected areas of Portugal, Spain and Francewhere he left thirteen fatalities.

His entry into the country was through the province of Zamora. The winds reached 96 kilometers per hour in Fuentesaúco, La Guareña, while the ski resort of La Pinilla in Segovia 112 kilometers per hour were recorded. Despite strong winds and heavy rainfall, did not leave deceased in Spain.

Tropical Storm Delta

The areas affected by this tropical storm, which occurred between November 28 and 29, 2005, were the Canary Islands and Madeira, Portugal. He started in the Gulf of Guinea, and unexpectedly made a turn that took him north, staying close to the Azores. La Palma and El Hierro, both places to the west of the archipelago, were the first to notice its effects.

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In Tenerife, the wind intensified and reached 140 kilometers per hour on the coast and about 250 kilometers per hour on Mount Teide, the summit of Tenerife. Unfortunately, they were quantified a dozen immediate victims These include six sub-Saharan immigrants who were shipwrecked in a canoe and a man who fell into the void in Fuerteventura. In addition, there was also Several injuries and considerable damage such as those that occurred with power lines and various public services.

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