How much will the price of Ryanair tickets rise, according to its CEO

Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanairhas talked about the prices of his company’s tickets and has analyzed the economic situation that will not allow us to see plane tickets at 10 euros again in years.

This is how emphatically the CEO said it in an interview with the British radio station BBC 4, collected by Europa Press: “We won’t see them again for years,” He said forcefully about plane tickets at 10 euros, a possibility that was available a few months ago.

Average price of airline tickets

In addition, Ryanair’s CEO forecasts that the airline’s average airfare will increase by 10 euros, as it will from 40 euros to 50 euros in the next five years.

Among the reasons that cause this rise in the prices of airline tickets is, how could it be otherwise, rising fuel costwhich “is driving up airfares”.

Directly related to this, the increase in the price of fuel also “is increasing household energy billswhich affects the disposable income of citizens”, as explained by the CEO of Ryanair.

However, during the interview, he assured that consumers will continue to fly “frequently”, but “they will look at prices much more and, consequently, Millions of users will switch to low-cost carriers.

As a solution to this problem, O’Leary has claimed that the British company is investing in more efficient aircraft in terms of fuel consumption, but that “the greatest reductions in the use of fossil fuels will come from the switch from gasoline and diesel to electric road vehicles”.


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