How to recover from holiday binge eating

For 30 years the Sap and Lemon Juice Cure, also called Cura Neera It has proven to be a healthy and very effective tool to reduce excess weight and detoxify our body. It is based on the ancient fasting therapy. Fasting means living for a certain time from one’s own accumulated reserves.

In natural medicine, fasting is one of the oldest and most powerful remedies that exist to cleanse the body and lose excess weight. The healing capacity of nature can be expressed in all its force if we allow our body to purify itself.

regenerate the body

One of the easiest and most well-known ways to fast is through this popular Sap Cure and Lemon Juice or Cura Neera, that tens of thousands of people around the world carry out each year. To do this, two valuable allies are used, together with the powerful purifying and regenerating force of fasting, lemon and Savia Neera Syrup from palm and maple.

The real syrup It is composed of Canadian maple sap and palm sap obtained from palm trees grown in the middle of the tropical forest. The presence of glucose, essential food for the brain and muscles, comes 100% from the sap itself.

How to do the complete fast, a very healthy purification

The origin of many ailments and diseases is in the digestive system, which we often overload. We eat incorrectly, especially on vacations and parties. Food is not digested well and waste products and toxins accumulate. Thanks to the Sap Cure and lemon juice, this load is reduced, and after the days of the Cure you can choose to start with a balanced diet to preserve the health of the digestive tract.

excess weight It is probably the most frequent reason why the Cure is done. Many overweight people lose up to 5 kilos during 7 to 10 days of Cure, without any harmful side effects, because the body receives all the essential elements for these days of fasting and does not suffer from any real deficiency.

We must bear in mind that our body invests around 30% of the total energy consumed in the digestive process. Therefore, while we are fasting we do not spend it, our body is responsible for turning this energy towards the elimination of harmful and unwanted substances.

And, on the other hand, the Cure also helps to free oneself from dependence on medications and stimulants, such as coffee, alcohol, tobacco, etc., and prevents premature aging.

To do the complete fast for 7 to 10 days, You should drink 6 to 10 glasses a day of the Syrup of Savia preparation, water, lemon juice and, if you like, a pinch of cayenne, without taking any solid food. You can find how to make the preparation of this drink below.

Healthy effects of the Cure of Sap of palm and maple and lemon juice

• Cleansing of toxins
• Weightloss
High cholesterol lowering
• Increased defenses and vitality
• Deeper sleep
• Shiny hair and stronger nails
• Luminous eyes and radiant skin
• Improved digestion and circulation
• Greater resistance to disease
• Emotional balance and more positive attitude
• Better concentration and clarity of thoughts
• Greater will
• Feeling of inner peace
• Start of new habits

It is important to know that…

The first three days of the complete Cure the body feeds on reserves, stored in the form of glycogen (simple sugar) mainly in the blood and in the liver, which is easily digestible.

After these days, the body begins to eliminate toxins and reduce other reserves in the form of fat deposited throughout the body. While this process lasts, we do not usually feel hungry. Only when the stores are depleted does hunger return, signaling that it’s time to eat again.

The ingredients of the Cure contain all the vital nutrients that one needs during these days.

There are important contraindications: people with deep depression, insulin-dependent diabetics, pregnant or lactating women should not perform this cure.

It is recommended to do the cure with a duration of 7 to 10 days, but in very serious cases and under strict medical supervision it can be prolonged.

Doing the complete Cure once or twice a year has a very positive effect on health, especially after eating abuse or seasonal changes.

new habits

The action of the Cure is a bit like wringing out a dirty sponge: the dirty water comes out. But if after the Cure we put the sponge back in a bucket of dirty water, nothing works anymore. It must be nourished by submerging it in “fresh spring water”.

Therefore, it is very important to acquire new healthy habits to consolidate the changes that we have experienced during the days of the Cure: choose low-fat foods, reduce the intake of red meat, sausages, sweets, sugar, sugary drinks, white flour, etc., use whole carbohydrates, legumes, seeds, nuts and algae, eat slowly, have dinner early, incorporate physical exercise and it is recommended to fast one day or do a semi-fast one day a week or another type of intermittent fast.

intermittent fasts

We detail here some of the many options for intermittent fasting with Savia Neera Syrup, a very healthy alternative to complete fasting:

The Semi-fast. Its purpose is to prolong this overnight fasting period, replacing breakfast and/or dinner with 2 or 3 glasses of the preparation, thus offering the body more time for rest and recovery.

The 50:50 option. It consists of 3 days of semi-fasting, followed by 3 days of the Complete Cure, and then another 3 days of semi-fasting. This is the easiest way to start detoxing if you’ve never done it before. This version is also very well suited to social engagements for some people.

Once a week. Most of us never give our digestive and elimination organs a break. Day after day a continual load is placed on our system. Going without solid food for a day gives our body a chance to rest and cleanse itself for a day. It is not too difficult, it helps to reduce excess weight and maintain weight after a complete Cure.

For this version, a day of the week is chosen and only 8 to 12 glasses of the preparation, water and infusions are drunk according to your taste.


Weight control diets
“The cure is also highly recommended at the beginning of weight control diets, in the middle of them when there is a blockage and you do not continue losing it or when you have to lose those 2-3 kilos taken after holidays or Christmas. In these cases I give a semi-fast. Breakfast, mid-morning and afternoon: a glass of the Savia Syrup preparation, an infusion and an apple. An hour before lunch and dinner: a glass of Savia Syrup. Lunch: Steamed vegetables and grilled fish. Infusion. Dinner: Vegetable semolina and a soy yogurt. Infusion. I maintain this diet for 10 to 15 days. It manages to control anxiety, lose retained fluids and lose those three kilos quickly, which motivates to follow the diet and achieve the goals set.” Teresa S. Phytotherapist and Dietitian. Barcelona

bad cholesterol
“Twelve years ago and after having my daughter, due to my hypothyroidism I gained 35 kilos. My triglycerides were 1,800 and my cholesterol was 311. My doctor said I was about to have a heart attack. I did the cure for 14 days, I rested 10 and then another 10 days of the cure with the syrup of sap, lemon and cayenne. Not only were triglycerides and cholesterol regulated, but I lost 20 kilos. In a month my liver was regulated and it was back to what it was before. In the following two years, every other month, I have been doing the cure for only 3 days and that allowed me to lose 15 more kilos. In total I lost 35 kilos. All of Altea knows me for my experience with the syrup, I talk about it continuously. ” Nela Garcia. Alicante


For a large glass of the preparation you will need:

→ 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (approximately ½ lemon)
→ 2 tablespoons of Savia Neera syrup of palm and maple
→ A pinch of hot paprika powder, cayenne (optional)

Mix in a glass of mineral water (approx ¼ liter) warm or cold, as you prefer.

To do the complete cure It takes between 6 to 10 glasses of this drink every day.

For more comfort, it can be prepared in a liter and a half bottle of water, adding 12 tablespoons of Savia Syrup and the juice of three lemons, preferably freshly squeezed.

The information collected in this article has been extracted from the book: “La Cura de Savia y Jumo de Limón”, by Ediciones Obelisco




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