“I couldn’t like it more, I really wanted to do it”

Laura Escanes He is a fan of hairdressers. She herself admits that loves to change look every so often, and that is why to close the summer she has decided to bet on a new hair color and start September in a different way.

Blondes, pinks, brunettes, medium and short hair, the influencer It’s been through all sorts of colors and shapes. She now she has touched the turn of the redheada color that is perfect for him fall.

An August 31, to start September in style” writes through Instagram to show the final result. “Welcome to the team“, says his colleague Rachel Reitx, which was added a few months ago to this color as well. “You look gorgeous” and “Wow” they tell her Theresa Andrew Y Mary Pomboto which is added Laura Matamoros leaving him several emoticons of faces with hearts in the eyes.

Also, the Catalan shared through stories the step by step of her change, in which the hairdressers have only had to apply tints adapted to your skin tone to give the coppery finish.

I couldn’t like it more, I really wanted to do it” assures the model. In fact, she has also taken the opportunity to make the new trend of Instagram that consists of uploading a collage of four photos, each from a different year, starting with 2019, to see what is called glow up (radical physical change over a period of time).

Changes of ‘look’ of Laura Escanes.

For Laura, more than physical change, it is capillary change. 2019 with hair short and brown2020 mane above the shoulders with blonde streaks2021 deep red and 2022 Brownalthough he assures that he could have put a photo with his new color.


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