“I hope that the media will echo the sentence”

Santi Millan will be in front again gottalent in its eighth season. The presenter has participated this Thursday in the presentation of the new edition of the Telecinco format and has not hesitated to answer questions from the media about the leaking of his sex tape.

The actor is calm and tries to downplay this scandal. “I get along well, I’m old now“, he asserts. Despite how traumatic the publication of intimate images can be, Millán relativizes this episode of his life. “I think this is very anecdotal, not only in my life, but in anyone’s. Let’s not give importance to something that does not have it.

However, the presenter of Got Talent reaffirms his intention to make those responsible for this leak pay. “I am working with my lawyer, of course. Here the only problem is that things are not from today to tomorrow. When the sentence comes out, three or four years have passed, “he explains.

Telecinco presented this Thursday the new edition of ‘Got Talent’.


Finally, the one from Barcelona launches a petition to the media: “What I hope is that the media will echo the sentence as well as the crime.”

In this way, Santi Millán confirms the information provided exclusively by EL ESPAÑOL after the leak and subsequent dissemination of his sexual video. A source close to the presenter assured this medium that “he is very calm, despite all this. This has him very confused because he does not understand how he could have happened and who has done it, “he assured, adding that he” is allowing himself to be advised by his lawyers “.

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“He only has one thing on his mind, and that is to keep the little ones away from everything that is being said. Both he and Rosa only look at that. You know what schools are like and at those ages,” added the source consulted.

While the judicial process continues, Santi Millán is focused on his work and his future projects at Mediaset: “I have been in gottalent Y we are recording the fourth season of The villagewhich will premiere first on Amazon Prime and then on Telecinco”, he told the presentation of the talent produced by Fremantle.

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